What turkey babies are called? Fertility process of poults

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What turkey babies are called

What turkey babies are called? The young turkey is called a “poult.” This simple but intriguing subject intrigues us, especially since Thanksgiving is approaching and we’re considering turkeys.  Learn about baby turkeys, including their names and how they grow and change throughout their first several months.

What turkey babies are called?

Turkey babies are called poult. This cute, unusual name describes turkey chicks from hatch to a few weeks old. Ancient English “poult,” which now only refers to turkeys, gave rise to the word “poult” today.

Fertility process of poults

Fertility process of poults

Chicks begin a difficult and exciting journey from hatching. Turkey hens usually lay 10–14 eggs and incubate them for 28 days. After hatching, chicks are awake and can move. They can follow their mother quickly because they are precocial, which is crucial for survival in the wild.

In the first few weeks, poults are more prone to be wounded or devoured by animals or objects. First-month growth and development are significant. Chicks lose their soft down feathers to immature bird feathers, which are warmer and more protective. 

The Egg to Young Animal Growth Stage

The Egg to Young Animal Growth Stage

Now you know what do you call a baby turkey and why so? Poults grow through the “juvenile” stage. They enter this stage at 4–5 weeks. They look different while this happens. Their bodies develop stronger and more marked as their downy fluff is replaced by structural feathers. 


Finally, a “poult” is a baby turkey, a cute and vital stage in their life cycle. Poults go through a significant transformation that is essential for the survival of turkey populations. Learning about their travels makes us respect turkeys and the natural systems that sustain their populations. This is all you need to know on what are baby turkeys called and why so.


Young turkeys are called what?

The young turkey is a poult. Hope this makes it clear on  what is a baby turkey called and it is nothing special.

Turkey hen eggs hatch in how long?

Turkey hens hatch eggs in 28 days.

Young chicks eat what?

Chicks get protein from insects and other small animals to thrive.

Chicks receive their first feathers when?

Chicks start feathering at 4–5 weeks.