What Is Theo Von Full Name? About Theo Von And His Career Achievements 

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Theo Von Full Name

Are you interested to know what Theo Von full name is? Then let me explain Theo Von’s full name and details about his birth, family, parents, and nationality. In this article, we also see about his career achievements and journey from small-town kid to Podcast host. Let’s learn more about Theo von full name.

Theo Von Full Name

Theodor Capitani Von Kurnatowski III is Theo Von full name. His mother was raised by an electric welder Gene Capitani and Clara M Capitani in Wyoming, Illinois. His father’s origin was from Bluefields, Nicaragua. So he is both Polish and Irish as his father was from Nicaraguan and his mother was Italian. 

About Theo Von

About Theo Von

Theo Von was born to Roland Theodor Achilles Von Kurnatowski and Gina Capitani in Covington on March 19, 1980. Theo Von full name, Theodor Capitani Von Kurnatowski III came from his birth as he had a father and mother from different nationalities. He was born to his father at the age of 69. His father died of cancer when Theo Von was 16 years old. TheoVon was brought up with his older brother and two younger sisters in a small town. Then Von graduated and started his journey from small town to nation.

TheoVon is a well-known American comedian and actor. He started his career as a normal stand-up comedian. Then because of his hard work, he became an actor and a reality television personality. Then he started to co-host the podcast “The King and Sting” along with fellow comedian Brendan Schaub. Then he became the host of the podcast “This Past Weekend”. Theo created this podcast mainly to help alcohol-addicted people. 

Career Achievements

Career Achievements

When we talk about Theo Von’s career achievements there is a lot to say. Everyone will admire his growth when they hear this. He started his career as a normal Reality show participant and became one of the top-rated Podcast hosts. Let’s see in detail below. 

Television Shows

Theo Von started his career with M-TV. He was recruited to work on the Road Rules: Maximum Velocity tour when he was 19 years old. He participated in all the seasons and got runner-up in 2002. In 2006, he competed in season 4 and won the show.

Rising As A Stand-Up Comedian

Then in mid-2008, he participated as a stand-up comedian in a reality show Reality Bites Back on M-TV. Finally, he won the show by defeating the other competing comedians such as Amy Schumer, Bert Kreischer, and Tiffany Haddish. Like Theo Von’s full name he got from his father he also got his comedic nature in his birth. The reason is his father who was also a comedian. So this helped him to create his comedic material at ease. Apart from Reality shows Theo Von started to participate in other comedy shows in clubs and other reality stages. His southern background helped him to build a unique style which attracted and created a separate fan base for him.

He got an opportunity in 2006, to participate in the NBC reality show “Last Comic Standing”. This made a huge turning point in Theo Von’s career. He participated in the show but unfortunately missed the chance of winning. Although he missed a chance to win, this show gave him an identity for his style of comedy. This gained the attention of a huge audience and opened the door for many opportunities. 

In the next few years, he started to perform in many comedy clubs which gave him good representation. This made him appear on various television shows. In 2016, Netflix released “Theo Von: No Offense”, a special comedy show on its platform. This paid off for all the hard work he took for comedy. His unique way of blending humor with Southern charm gained him popularity and created a special bond with the audience.

Hosting Podcast 

At first, he started a podcast “The Comedy Sideshow ” in 2011. It got a good response. Then he started a new podcast “This Past Weekend” in 2016. This has an immense impact on his name. This made him popular across the nation. 

He started sharing personal experiences and conducted interviews with other comedians or personalities He also conducted interaction sessions with his listeners.

His way of sharing information attracted many audiences. He mixed up humor in every interaction which made his speech interesting and created a strong bond with the audience. 

The Past Weekend

Through this Podcast, Theo Von started helping people recover from their addiction. He said he was sober for around 14 years and now he is using this platform to help people who are addicted like him. He started sharing his experience of de-addiction. He also offers advice and support for people who are struggling with addiction.


I hope you got an answer for Theo Von’s full name and other details along with his career achievements. I also hope this article about TheoVon has inspired you as it explains how he started his journey as a fatherless small-town kid and achieved such a great height through his hard work and determination. He not only uses the Podcast to earn but also to help many people come out of their struggles


What Is The Genre Of The Podcast The Past Weekend?

The main theme of the Podcast is comedy but it also includes culture and current events.

When Did Theovon Become Famous?

Theo Von started his career in M-TV when he was studying. But in 2008, his participation in  Reality Bites Back made him famous. 

Is Theo Von Married?

No, Theo Von remains unmarried and he was never married before.

What Is The Rank Of The Past Weekend Podcast?

It ranks No.5 in the podcast list. It is available on both Amazon and Netflix Platforms.

Is Theo Von’s Podcast Available On Spotify?

Yes, it is available in the name of #1994 – Theo Von – The Joe Rogan Experience. 

Is Theo Von A Sports Personality? 

No, Theo Von is a TV personality.

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